Megan & Jeremy // Iowa Nature Reserve Engagement


Midwest weather always throws us for a loop. You can check the weather app 50 times a day, but the second a cloud appears in the sky, you better expect a storm. 

On the day of Megan & Jeremy's engagement shoot we planned for a bright & cheery Spring day. As you can tell, from scrolling through the photos below, we were given the exact opposite- a 30° day with the sun nowhere in sight. That didn't deter us from making the most of our time together, though. They both stuck it out like champs & their love for each other outweighed the need to run for the car every 5 seconds. 

We skipped around our favorite nature reserve in Carley's hometown & watched as Megan's white dress danced in the wind. I guess if you want your couples to stay close, just throw them in an open field & watch as they huddle together. 

Their October wedding is going to be something else, to say the least. 

Pamela & DJ // Midtown Omaha Engagement



This is the best way to describe Pamela & DJ as a duo. Their personalities shine so brightly when they're together- essentially becoming the definition of #couplegoals.

We spent the evening in Midtown Omaha on the roof of DJ's condo basking in the sun & letting the wind take Pamela's hair to a whole new level. As you can see in these images, laughter was aplenty & there's not a doubt in my mind that their wedding is going to be one amazing day. 

Mackenzie & Andre // Engaged


Not many things make me happier than seeing a groom we're working with strive to be as involved as possible. You would think that it would be a given to have both people get excited about wedding planning, but it's not always for everyone. Since our very first meeting, Andre made it very clear that he was excited about these details and his future union to Mackenzie.

We met again on Halloween in Lincoln to enjoy a lively walk around the city & to catch the tail-end of the fall leaves around Pioneers Park. I always tell our couples to treat their shoot like a date instead of a chore & these two were acting like it was their first date all over again. They were pointing out the vibrant trees, skipping around the lake & falling into each other the entire time.

If you can't tell from these photos, Andre cherishes every second he gets with Mackenzie & it's truly refreshing. All the kids say "get yourself a guy who can _____," well, ladies- get yourself a guy that looks at you the way Andre looks at his future wife. You can't go wrong.

x Carley

Catherine & Matt // Engaged


We nearly cancelled the shoot when it started raining, but these two went for it anyways. The energy & excitement they share speaks volumes & their October wedding is one to watch for.