Bridget & Nick // Engaged


Bridget & Nick were made for each other. It's as simple as that. 
With her fiery red hair & his jokes that make your stomach hurt from laughing so much- I couldn't imagine a better pair to spend our time with. 

We met in the middle of fall with one goal in mind, capture ALL the leaves. On our way over to our original location we ran into heavy traffic & decided to take a detour to one of my favorite Midtown neighborhoods instead. We walked, crunched the leaves beneath our feet & admired all the historical houses we came across. 

In the end I learned two things:

1. Never underestimate Omaha in the fall. 

2. It's time we get Nick a contract with GQ. Seriously, I've never seen a man so keen on striking a pose in front of the camera. The man is a natural. 

x Carley