Megan & Jeremy // Iowa Nature Reserve Engagement


Midwest weather always throws us for a loop. You can check the weather app 50 times a day, but the second a cloud appears in the sky, you better expect a storm. 

On the day of Megan & Jeremy's engagement shoot we planned for a bright & cheery Spring day. As you can tell, from scrolling through the photos below, we were given the exact opposite- a 30° day with the sun nowhere in sight. That didn't deter us from making the most of our time together, though. They both stuck it out like champs & their love for each other outweighed the need to run for the car every 5 seconds. 

We skipped around our favorite nature reserve in Carley's hometown & watched as Megan's white dress danced in the wind. I guess if you want your couples to stay close, just throw them in an open field & watch as they huddle together. 

Their October wedding is going to be something else, to say the least. 

Pamela & DJ // Midtown Omaha Engagement



This is the best way to describe Pamela & DJ as a duo. Their personalities shine so brightly when they're together- essentially becoming the definition of #couplegoals.

We spent the evening in Midtown Omaha on the roof of DJ's condo basking in the sun & letting the wind take Pamela's hair to a whole new level. As you can see in these images, laughter was aplenty & there's not a doubt in my mind that their wedding is going to be one amazing day.