MIRANDA // 2016

I've known Miranda since her freshman year of high school. I became good friends with her brother my first year at Saint Albert & quickly became acquainted with her during our time together in yearbook. This girl is bound to do great things one day & I'm so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to capture just the beginning of it. 

SARAH // 2016

I had the greatest experience shooting Sarah's senior portraits. We were able to forget that we've only known each other for a few weeks & sing out hearts out to Cherub, Miley & The Strokes. This girl was all for jumping into Lake Cunningham during a thunderstorm & for that- I am forever grateful. 

ANNA // 2016

The reality of shooting with seniors you've never met before is being okay with getting nervous. you're nervous, they're nervous- trust is all you really have within the first hours of shoot. I'm a strong believer in showing subjects how beautiful they are & filling them with confidence is the most important thing. 
Anna lit up during our second session. She saw herself during the final minutes of golden hour  said "YES!" That's the only reaction I needed to know she truly enjoyed her time with me & I'm so grateful for her trust.