15 Quirks to Expect in Married Life

Marriage is beautiful.

As one of several Omaha wedding photographers, I get to be part of the joys of the wedding day. From the first looks, first kiss, and first dance as a newly married couple, I get to capture it all.

While the planning take a great deal, very few are prepared for are all the quirky things they get to experience in married life.

I took to asking married women about some of the interesting quirks to expect.


So here are 15 Quirks to Expect in Married Life:

  1. Expect your spouse to steal your leftovers. Yes, the ones you’ve been saving in the fridge for the next day. In turn, however, you also get a free pass at their leftovers.

  2. When you borrow each other’s cars and you have to re-adjust your seat and mirrors. Every. Single. Time.

  3. If you have young kids, having them go to “Daddy” (or Mommy) when you know VERY WELL they have a dirty diaper that you don’t want to change.

  4. Unable to decide on what you want for dinner and when you finally make a decision, your spouse is “not in the mood for that place.”

  5. You’ll be sending each other text messages while you’re in the SAME ROOM.

  6. Asking for a bite of what your spouse ordered and then end up eating it all (or switching altogether because you don’t like what you ordered)

  7. Borrowing your husband’s tools and not putting them back. Likewise when you borrow something from your wife and don’t put it back.

  8. One of you will inevitably not shut the drawers all the way and the other person will hate it.

  9. Eating something that your spouse bought for a very specific purpose (food day at work, ingredient needed for a recipe, etc.)

  10. When you push the trash down further in hopes that the other person will notice that it’s full and take it out.

  11. The wife (especially after having kids) will leave hair everywhere. In the shower drain, on the bathroom floor, EVERYWHERE.

  12. Capitalizing on when your spouse is up and you’re still sitting down. For instance, if they get up to use the restroom then you’ll ask them “Babe, can you grab me a drink? What about a snack?”

  13. One of you will turn the air down while the other person turns it up when they’re not looking.

  14. Stealing each other’s headphones or cell phone chargers.

  15. Lastly, when you’re in the same room and exchange a quick glance. And you two know EXACTLY what that means ;)

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We hope that you know what you’re getting into when you plan to get married. And for those who are married, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

For newly engaged couples, these little things are what make marriage so fun and real. We hope that as you’re looking for Omaha wedding photographers that you would consider The Eye & Hand Project.

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