5 Things Other Brides Want You to Know Before Your Wedding Day

As an Omaha Wedding photographer, I’ve been part of lots of weddings. I realize there is A LOT that goes into preparing and coordinating such a momentous event. Looking back, though, there is always that one thought of “I wish I would’ve known…”

Hindsight is always 20/20. Luckily for you future brides, I surveyed former brides on the single most important piece of advice they wish they would have known BEFORE their wedding. I got over 50 responses and here are the general themes of what was said.

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5 Things Other Brides Want You to Know Before Your Wedding Day

1. Someone Will Get Offended

No matter how hard you plan your wedding and try to includes everyone's input, someone will inevitably get offended. Let them. Don’t let the fear of offending one single person take away from the joy of your big day. There are, however, ways to minimize the impact of offending everyone. Check out this article I wrote called How to Not Piss People Off When Planning Your Wedding

2.  Something Will Not Go As Planned

As an Omaha Wedding photographer, I’ve seen it countless times. The food arrives late, the wedding video won’t play, the DJ plays the wrong song, you’ll forget the wedding programs, etc. Whether it’s something big or small, something will not go exactly as planned. It’s better that you know it now so that one small (or big) mishap won’t derail you from the main event.

And who knows, it may be something that you can laugh about someday.

3. Hire A Videographer If You Can

If you’re here then chances are you have a good eye for an Omaha Wedding photographer. For sure get a professional wedding photographer, but several of the brides that used a wedding videographer highly recommended it to others. It allows you to completely relive your wedding day in only a way that film can do. If you need some recommendations then shoot me an email.

4. Make Time For the Two of You

Your wedding day will go faster than you imagined and it’s hard not to get caught up in all the festivities, but remember what it’s all about. Celebrating the love of you and your spouse. Carve time within that day for just the two of you. That may mean leaving a bit early or finding a moment between the ceremony and reception to take it all in. You’ll never regret finding that special time.

5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Lastly (and maybe most importantly) don’t forget to communicate. Planning a wedding requires a lot of communication, but it’s perfect preparation for a lifetime of communication. You need talk about everything- small details to big things. Some specific recommendations on communicating include:

  • “10 PM Rule”- There are certain topics that can’t be discussed past 10 PM including in-laws, money, parenting, and work
  • As your expectations in marriage change, discuss those. These are oftentimes brought on by life changes such as children, jobs, moving, etc.
  • Neither person is a mind reader so be sure to communicate!
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Your wedding day is really special and these few pieces advice come from first-hand experience of other brides. Whether it’s recognizing the inevitable things to come or making time/budget for other things, we hope this was helpful in planning your own wedding.

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