Things Your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Actually Want

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Wedding Venue? Check.

Wedding Caterer? Check.

Wedding Photographer? Check.

Wedding Party? Check.

One of the hang ups that I often see in this stage of wedding planning is deciding what types of gifts to get your wedding party as a way to say “Thank you for spending your time (& money) to help me celebrate this momentous occasion”.

And while I acknowledge there are several lists out there from wedding writers that make helpful suggestions, I went directly to former Groomsmen & Bridesmaids to see what are things they actually want & actually will use.

Here are the items that stood out.

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Jewelry/Accessories- You can assemble the matching jewelry & accessories for each bridesmaid including necklace, earrings, bracelets, pocket mirror & put it all neatly in a clutch they can keep.

  1. Wedding Survival Tote- Several people mentioned putting together a “wedding survival tote”  for last minute needs including lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, deodorant, bobby pins, hairspray, gum, etc.

  2. TOMS- This obviously depends on the taste of your wedding party, but we’ve heard of brides buying their entire wedding party a pair of TOMS & some ladies swear “it was the best wedding gift ever!”

  3. Customized Drinkware- Many women commented on gifting their ladies with customized drinkware including coffee mugs, thermos’, or wine glasses. It may not be a bad idea to include an accompanying drink to go with it ;)


  1. Yeti- What guy doesn't love a Yeti? Whether it’s for keeping his beer cold or coffee hot, a Yeti is a perfect gift that says “Bruh, I only give you the best.”

  2. Swiss Army Knife- Again, what guy doesn’t want to feel like Bear Grylls? Get one complete with all the basic tools & maybe a bottle opener for good measure. (Note: Don’t let your future wife engrave it to be cutesy. Guys don’t want cutesy gifts)

  3. Weber Tailgate Grill- There are few things that make guys feel manlier than conveniently whipping out a grill from their ride to cook up delicious meat on the spot. Give them that opportunity by hooking them up with a Weber grill.

  4. Portable Cooler- If you haven’t caught on, there’s a theme of guys enjoying food & drinks. (We’re pretty easy to please) Several people said that coolers they were gifted at a wedding years ago is something they still regularly use.

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If none of these items sound appealing, you can always contribute money towards their dresses or tuxedo rentals- be it a fixed amount or the entire expense. That’s one less thing for them to worry about & you’re giving them something that you know they will actually use (on your wedding day, duh!).

What are some other things you’ve gifted or have been gifted that you thought was amazing?

I want to know!