Tara & Nick // Summer Wedding in Lincoln, NE



At every wedding I try to remember three great things that made it unique & special to me as a photographer/guest/fan-of-weddings. 
At this particular celebration, the three things that stood out to me the most were:

1. The way Tara fell into Nick naturally
Every pose we would suggest would turn into Nick holding Tara at some point, because that's just how genuinely comfortable they are around each other. It has become second nature to them. 

2. How it was a genuine necessity to immediately go home following the ceremony to say "hi" to their pup, Zuke. 
Let's be honest with ourselves, guys. Dogs make life so much better, so please include them on your wedding day, (I would be forever grateful.)

3. The architecture of Lincoln, Nebraska.
It's no mystery that quirky buildings & a good brick wall are the perfect ingredients to make any small-ish town look #artsy. There's just something special about Nebraska, though. The places you can find, if you take the time to walk around, are endless.