Catherine & Matt // Josyln Museum Wedding


Catherine and Matt // Josyln Museum Wedding // Omaha Wedding Photographers

We started the day in a 95-year-old church in the heart of the Midtown Omaha.
Catherine got ready in the church's library at the top of the steps where Matt's parents exchanged their own vows years before. It was quiet, for the most part. Catherine's sisters & mother fluttered around the room making sure everything was in its place, while I let her sit for a moment & take it all in. We could hear Matt & his brothers laughing in the room next door, which only aided in the anticipation before their first look. 

After guiding them both to the church's courtyard, Catherine snuck up on Matt & it was as if a massive weight had been lifted off his shoulders. They were beaming the whole time & for the rest of the day they were glued to each other's sides. 

The Joslyn Museum was the best choice for their reception & we probably got way too excited while shooting. Walking up the grand marble steps is one thing, but stepping inside & looking at the history lining the walls made the setting feel so timeless. 

This is how we hope every wedding plays out- no complaining, no stressing about the little things. They simply relished in the fact that they created this new life together & it's only just the beginning.

Amber & Jake // Durham Museum Wedding


omaha rooftop wedding old market buildings


The one thing we all wish for in this world is time & lots of it. We always want more time to do the things we dream about. More time to spend with those we love & more time to enjoy the little windows of joy that come into our lives & slip away before we realize they're gone. This makes Amber & Jake some of the luckiest people we know.

For the past decade they've stood next to each other through grueling school schedules, graduations, their friend's marriages, becoming an aunt & uncle & now an engagement of their own. They're thankful for every second they've received & we can say with confidence that witnessing them solidify the bond that's been growing for 10 years was one of the greatest moments we photographed last year. 

Their wedding day was one we looked forward to all season & we didn't realize what we were in for until we met the bridal party. I must say, I haven't seen a group of people rock a party bus harder. Seriously, the thing was shaking as we went down the roads of Omaha. Everyone sharing drinks, laughter & adding to the layers of out of tune scream-singing. 

It was a whirlwind of emotion & at the very end we were able to convince Amber & Jake to do the craziest thing we've asked of anyone. There's a location in downtown Omaha that I have always dreamed of taking a couple. It's a quiet rooftop with the greatest backdrop the city could provide. The only problem is the spot is blocked off, so it takes one very brave bride to climb up this very sketchy access ladder. Dirty dress & all, Amber proved to us all that it could be done (in heels, no less) & we happily followed along. 

As we closed our day with this lovely couple, we were reminded how much fun it is to put your camera down for a few songs & just enjoy the music along with everyone else. Have we mentioned yet how much we love our jobs?

Alison & Matt // Memorial Park Wedding


Hopefully you can see, while scrolling through this wedding, the amazing connection we were able to make with Alison & Matt. 

We met with them a year before their October wedding & it was like visiting with old friends. Seriously, I can't remember the last time we had a meeting that lasted more than two hours, but in that crammed little Starbucks we learned heaps about them. In this time they became so much more than clients, they became friends & people we genuinely looked forward to being with.

They must carry that magnetism with them through life, because their friendship with everyone in attendance was electric. Tears were shed, laughter was shared & their pups Magnolia & Luna basked in all the scratches & belly rubs. Seriously, those two had no shortage of attention. 

Friends like this make us love what we do. From start, to finish, we consider ourselves so lucky to have met these two incredible individuals. Enjoy -

Kait & Brady // Lied Lodge, Nebraska City Wedding


So thrilled to finally get this day on our blog.

Kait & Brady had a ridiculous amount of fun on their wedding day. Between a choreographed Beyonce dance break before the ceremony, to Brady launching himself off a table during the reception- we laughed to the point of tears watching these two be their true, uncensored selves. 

There was no need for frills- the love they shared & the support from those closest to them said it all. Set in a field of stunning October leaves at the Lied Lodge they exchanged vows, made goofy faces & filled a dance floor like no other wedding we've seen. 

They also had 6 different kinds of cake, which is a really important part if you ask us.