We are Huy Nguyen & Carley Scott Fields- a couple currently residing in Omaha, Nebraska who are devoted to wedding and senior photography. As chance would have it, we met through photography- and our friend Tammy.


           We met in the Summer of 2014. We shared multiple friends but somehow never crossed paths with the exception of our friend Tammy mentioning us to each other in conversation. In June we both attended an Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson show. He was planted right up front and I was squished in the back. I was hoping to snap a photo of Kimya and right as I pulled out my camera, a 6 foot tall guy stepped right in my path. For the rest of the night this kid was dancing, talking to his friends and consistently getting in my way. I was so fed up at one point I attempted to move across to the other side of the floor, but upon arrival realized this kid was still blocking my view. Little did I know this "kid" was Huy. 
           In August Tammy's lease was up and she needed help moving out. Unintentionally, she invited us both to get her things packed and moved for the next day. We laughed when we realized how crazy it was that we had never met prior because we both spent a large chunk of our time with her. At this point I still hadn't learned how to pronounce his name (I thought it was 'hey' or 'who') but he was a good sport and didn't correct me. 
After we were done, Huy decided to pick up food for everyone. He insisted on driving, despite Jimmy Johns being right down the street, but it gave him the opportunity to show me new bands he recently learned about, such as The Neighbourhood and Twenty One Pilots.
           The next day Tammy and I were supposed to shoot with a local clothing store that Huy helped us with. The guys weren't shooting until later, but Huy showed up anyways. I must've been blind because I didn't see anything weird about it at the time. 
           The summer progressed and Huy and I spent increasingly more and more time together. Our friends were all in one neat little package and things surprisingly worked out easier than most.
           In November of that same year Huy asked me to be his girlfriend using a fortune cookie he had crafted himself. It was also that very same month I learned that he was the "kid" at the concert and I still have never let him live that down. 
           Eleven months later he convinced me to start a photography business together. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared, but everything made sense. I couldn't be happier with the ways things worked out these past years with Huy. I think it helps that I finally learned how to pronounce his name, too.


To us, The Eye & Hand Project is simple. 

We're passionate about the opportunity to capture stories of love & commitment to the things that make you the happiest. We thrive when we're given the chance to work one-on-one with couples who share in our love for adventure, risk & the chance to make long-lasting images for you to cherish in the years to come. Our mission in life & in this project is to help create something bigger than us.


Carley Scott Fields

I've always jumped from idea-to-idea hoping that something would stick. I assumed a path would simply appear one day and I would know, at that moment, what to do with it- but that never happened. I switched majors, career ideas and even toggled with the idea of staying in the background. 
Photography has been the only consistent thing in my life that I've fought to keep. I never wanted to give up on it and I never tired of it. It kept me going, even on the hard days.
This year has been an eye-opener for me. I knew I would always be a photographer on the side, but I never knew a day would come where this would become a permanent focus- a real job.
Sometimes you don't get to pick what happens in your life, but in this case- I am truly fortunate.



Huy Nguyen

Growing up, we were always told to do something we love. It wasn't until recently that I had started to really grasp what that meant.
I think about this everyday and I'm slowly starting to realize that photography is where my real passion lies. It's the one job where I truly enjoy every aspect- from meeting new people, to shooting & editing- I am in love with it all.
There's a weird transitional phase I'm trying to tackle, which is to either pursue photography or my degree in IT.
Is it the security or the excitement I'm searching for? With so many things uncertain, I can only take it one day at a time. One thing remains certain, and it's this fire I have to continue to out-do myself in this art form. This is what I love doing. 


Photography above provided by our dear friend, Brett Brooner

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